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Commentary by Ricky of Landmine Youth

Here are 7 reasons why I think South Florida's music scene lacks and will never be good... ever again.

Stop using the fucking term if you've never heard of Infest, Heresy, or Dropdead. Most South Florida kids who say they like grind don't even know who Assuck is and they were from Florida! Get a clue, no bands (including my own) play grind in South Florida... oh yeah, and you musclehead fucks, what the hell are you moshing to?

Besides being a lame name to classify music by, kids who think they're "screamo" in South Florida still probably don't even know where the term "emo-violence" came from (or what band rather). Not that punk rock should be a music name-game but fuck man, downloading every record that you say you "own" is not very punk rock to me... and yes, no bands in South Florida play screamo either (even if you think you do). And when screamo bands do play, why do you fucking mosh as if Hatebreed was playing? I don't understand what the fuck you are doing... these kids aren't playing emotional music for you to act tough to... it's meant to have fun to.

Pageninetynine is dead. That is sad. Mannequin are around now and Crestfallen are still rockin' so punk rock isn't completely dead... but it definitely feels dead when kids come to shows, get drunk, start fights, talk shit about eachother, break things, disrespect people's property, and act like thugs. South Florida really needs to get a fucking clue. Can you believe Reversal Of Man was from Florida? It sure doesn't feel like they ever were...


5.MOSH -
Even more lame.

As sad as it is, real hardcore has been replaced by tough mosh bullshit and really bad metal. No more finger pointing, stage diving, and singing along... now you need to worry about getting your head stepped on by some asshole or getting a fist in the face by some kids proving his toughness in the pit. To learn more about this, examine figures #4 and 5 above.

7.EMO -
The cool thing now is to start an emo band because a) you can be part of the scene and still look like a gap boy and be excused and b) you get chicks coming to your shows. Even the emo in South Florida are tough. Most of them also think the Used, Saves The Day, and Piebald are really good emo bands. Yeah.... riiight. Also, live journals are stupid, makeoutclub.com is stupid, and gossip, fashion and cute hair all belong in school. Fuck emo.

So anyways... I hope this either a) pisses you off, b) makes you realize how lame us South Florida kids really are, or c) makes you laugh. We fucking suck... save yourself and move away.

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