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Religion In Hardcore.

So today I was browsing the hardcore messagebards when I started to read about this controversy brewing about the band Most Precious Blood's new album cover.

Anywho, I read some of the statements the band has made about religion and hardcore.

Now, I am religious, yes. I know there are lots of kids in hardcore that aren't. That doesn't bother me at all. What bothers me is when kids basically say, religion doesn't belong in hardcore, and you don't either. I understand if i'm coming up to you and screamong oh you're not with the lord, eat a dick and die or something, but i'm not.

I remember when I went to gainesville fest when that same band(most precious blood) tore up a bible and said somethng along the lines of, wheoever believes in this exit the building. I wasn't even all that religious back then, but that offended me, and not because of he reasons you might think.

the problem with kids and bands in hardcore having this anti christianity thing is not that they're anti christian, it's that they verbally persecute kids that aren't anti christian.

it made me really uncomfortable. I mean, kids were not only giving me shit for picking some of the pages up and throwing them away(which I did because I didn't want to slip while dancing), but people would actually come up to me and say you're wrong, get the fuck out of here.

it wouldn't bother me so much if it was just this once instance, but it isn't. Sometimes i'll be at a show, and a band will say something like fuck god and the kids that belive in him, and the crowd will agree, and I find me and a couple of other kids pretty much thinking, well what the hell did we ever do to you?

anywho, i just wanted to know your opinions on religion in hardcore. I personally believe that religion in hardcore isn't all that bad, it's when we get militant that problems start.
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